Tears reveal a teaching…

There are times when the ability to see, feel and become everything everywhere holds such intensity all I can do is cry…I know many beings around the world are breaking into “unexplained” bouts of tears. In talking with Spirit, I inquired how to be of service in the heaviness of humanity and Mother Earth at this time. We all seek balance individually and collectively when the burden becomes too dense. As tears rolled down my cheeks Spirit responded: Sacred Light of all lights, when you find yourself carrying the soul signature of all life including the layers of pain, desperation, suffering and hardship, I say to you this, become compassion for in doing so all the jagged pieces and heavy layers dissolve into love; into smooth flowing light! I took a deep breath and focused my intention on embodying compassion when every layer, every world aspect of burden lifted. Before I knew it tears flowed of a love so vast it expanded beyond humanity’s pain body; transmuting the chaos and heaviness. I became a lightness of being that only compassion can explain and exemplify. Tears still flowing now and then but from a different place, one of understanding that as human beings we can “do” something and that is to become compassion and transform the burden of that moment, clearing energy for all. Next time you feel as though you can’t make a difference, think again, we are the change we desire. May you include yourself in the compassion you offer others for there is no separation…Love is the only constant, all else is ephemeral. Blessings to each and every one of you!

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