Point of Light

Point of Light frequency

Cynthia Slon offers energy healing through the highest form of universal dialogue aligned with your originating structure of light.

Point of Light is about cell consciousness.  Your cells are communicating with one another as well as you at all times. Do you feel your voice is heard? Do you feel able to communicate with your physical body? Cynthia and the Point of Light can be the beginning of a harmonious relationship with your body and its representation of well-being. In treatment, while you are laying down a strong current of combined light frequencies are in communication with your desired outcome. Accessing your hall of records as well as your conscious permission to receive and embody healing. The outcome is a unified balance that continues to calibrate and integrate your mind body spirit as treatments unfold and well after. The number of treatments are based on the individual.

In Cynthia’s own words:

From the age of five I have had a visual and audible relationship with the auric field, beings on the other side, electromagnetic holograms, portals, guides, and so much more. These connections have taught me what is possible, real and often overlooked by humanity. Not until Point of Light have I personally experienced a visual display of individual light frequencies so intricate and detailed yet moving together as one in a wave-like flow creating a network of communication within the DNA strand all the way through the layers of the human being. I have watched the aura expand in size then return and anchor the restored language. The power, volume and precision of this divine energy moves within such a gentle loving presence it goes beyond the translation of our human language.

Point of Light has recreated, restored and cleared what was needed for healing to emerge. I have watched the light frequency literally rebuild the cellular wall as well as the electromagnetic field restoring life force, flow and well-being. This loving frequency works outside of time within the clients universal free-will allowing the frequency to restore them. I have been brought to tears over the transformation not only for humanity but how I have seen it transform the animal kingdom as well.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be a conduit of this powerful loving energy.


“Thank you for the light treatments.  I have had two Point of Light treatments, and I have experienced a significant improvement in my health. First, I gave full permission for me to accept the maximum amount of light with which my body would be comfortable.  Cynthia stood at my feet while I was lying down.  The treatment was off body. During the first treatment, I felt a flow of energy from my feet to my head.  It was strong, but at the same time gentle and loving.  I felt small shifts of energy at the base of my spine and realignment of my sacrum and pelvis.  As my low back realigned, I also felt realignment of the thoracic and cervical spine.  After the treatment, I felt stronger, more balanced and expanded in my ethereal energy field. I felt like I was “pumped up” and had a larger presence.  I slept better, and had a calmness about me.  I never thought that I was not calm to begin with, but after the treatment, I saw where I had been previously holding restrictive patterns of energy.  Those areas were now flowing. During the 3 weeks between treatments, I could feel that gentle energy continue to flow and balance me. I had my 2nd Points of Light treatment a few days ago.  This treatment was even stronger.  I immediately felt a stronger current of energy/light surrounding and entering my body.  It was so strong, that at times it was unnerving. Then the energy would recalibrate and balance out. Since then, my meditations have been deeper, there is more flow of energy throughout my body, my posture is more upright and supportive. I noticed while swimming that the right and left sides of my body were working more in unison, and previous achy areas of my body, were pain free and stronger. I thank you for bringing in this wonderful, gentle form of healing. I look forward to my next treatment.”
“I came for a Point of Light session and left amazed at how clear my mind felt while my body tingled all over. I had problems with my knees, ears and digestion but after the sessions those issues are gone. I can’t really put into words all that was happening but I felt so much love the whole time and after too. I felt safe and comfortable. I would go back without thinking twice. Thank you Cynthia!”