Listen and Notice

Walking into the neighborhood grocery my attention was drawn upward to the sound of a baby bird chirping for its mother. I felt her desperation and longing, her sound echoed through the metal rafters. Her aura revealed stress; her life force weakening. I sent a heart centered intention of love to encompass her, keep her warm and guide her out the door to her mommy. The following morning I remembered I needed to get something at the same grocery. When the automatic door opened I heard a loud chirp above me. I entered the store and there was the baby bird from the night before, sitting on a small ledge above the sliding doors staring through the window. Her chirp intense and nonstop as the doors automatically opened and closed I could hear the mother bird outside responding. I stood in the way of the doors, keeping them open. The baby bird kept trying to fly through. She was exhausted and her little feathers flying down from where she was resting signaling the struggle. I went inward and asked spirit for help and just then I see the mother come flying in the store with a mouth full of food. The baby ate the food and was talking faster than ever. I could see the mother looking around. I ran and asked a store clerk to keep the automatic doors from closing. She flipped a switch and they remained open. All of a sudden the mother bird takes flight and lands a little higher and I see the baby struggling to get enough strength to join her as she begins to fall downward, her little wings flapping as hard as they could, more feathers flying off of her tiny body. I stood still and from my heart to hers whispered it’s okay. Hoping to catch her but instead she lands on a display right in front of me. We are at eye level with each other. The mother goes silent as does the baby. I reach out my hands slowly towards her in hopes I could escort her outside; almost an inch away from her and she takes flight and lands in my hair. I calmly speak to her energetically. I stood still as she slides down my hair and lands on the front of my pink hoodie sweatshirt, leaning the side of her body on my neck. I slowly, gently walk outside to a crescendo of birds chirping excitably. As I stood outside I see the mother flying past me and around me talking to her child. After about 10 minutes the baby takes flight and lands inside a nest. The aura of joy and the sound of storytelling beautiful and loud.

Life forever presents the opportunity to make a difference if we listen and take notice to that which surrounds us.


  1. You have my tears and smiles all in one, Cynthia. A wonderful story to share. Peace and Love, DM

  2. Thank You for sharing this heartwarming story, and thank you for being YOU. It means so much to have a “guiding light” such as yourself to remind me to be mindful and listen and notice. Sending loving thoughts your way, ER

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