Light of Love

Bless all whom have passed into the arms of awaiting angels; from darkness into light. Those who remain in body, may you feel the light frequency of compassion and love move through your being replacing shock and trauma with the steps of healing. May you find moments of love so strong they envelop your pain and lift you into the knowing/feeling your loved ones are near. You are their focus now in the desire to assist the emotional body stay anchored in freedom, choosing the energy of love whenever possible; strengthening your ability to feel connected to life within the process of grief and loss. Your loved ones are with you as guardian angels guiding your heart and holding your hand; residing in a place of wisdom and clarity about the choice you need now more than ever…love.

I see before me the spirit of a girl, telling me she was one moment smiling; feeling all is possible and attainable. The next her life force draining; she hears screams and chaos but feels as though the sound is muffled. She sees her life from birth to this moment flash before her eyes; before panic sets in she sees a vision of such beauty standing in front of her, peace fills her body as she reaches for this angel she immediately feels held; the sensation of warmth fills her as she looks back on her broken body. She recognizes she is letting go, feeling comfort in the arms that carry her into a light so full of love joy fills her being as she hears the wisdom from within; nothing has ended only begun, my vision is flowing over with knowing that I have been called to make a difference to those left behind. My work has already started. I feel stronger than ever and ready to shine my love so bright that the peace that embraced me will be the peace I share with my family of humanity. Please tell them I am not lost, not in fear but instead stand with them for I realize it is in these moments I can make an even bigger difference on earth and that is everything. I am still here mama, I love you!

Energy doesn’t die it changes form. I am honored and blessed to be given the opportunity to share the voice not of a fallen angel but of a love filled, purpose driven being in life and the after life!

(this message was given to her family)


  1. Thank You, Lovely Angel,

    My wish is that I become a messenger to spread the truth of this message to every heart. This is such an important time to share our hearts and our minds. If Spirit would like to share insights on how to do this, I am listening.

  2. Thank you so very much for sending out this light and love. It is wonderful that you could contact the family. Thank you for your divine service. Much love always, Pauline x

  3. Thank you Cynthia for this Pconnection and message, it fills me with life, purpose, and compassion! I will be here and spread the message; all need to know they will Always be remembered and Loved!

  4. thank you for sharing this…we all benefit from sharing love and compassion. I am grateful for your sharing.

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