1. Thanks SO much for this amazing new post..through your service we live this reality of non death-never ending love EVERY DAY..GOD BLESS U DEAR BEING <3

    1. Phalya totally speaks my heart’s feelings and the comforting elicited by this beautiful sharing. Peace and Love. DM

  2. Thank you, Cynthia for this moving testimony of your personal experiences with souls passing over to the next life. My husband is in late stage cancer, and we both know that he will die soon. This video brings me comfort when I need it most.

  3. wow…I had tears as you shared being at your sister’s side as she ascended. thank you for sharing in such an real and loving way the truth that as beings of love and light we continue beyond our physical forms.

  4. Perfect timing for a friend who just lost his brother unexpectedly.Thank you for the excellent explanation of spirit in the afterlife.

  5. I remember when your sister passed, I am honored you shared this intimate journey with me, so beautifully portrayed. Know that You are the guardian angel to many, thank you for your humanitarian work and compassion. John

  6. Cynthia, Cynthia! What a powerful witnessing you gave! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your message and for the sincerity and innocence of your soul. It is my honor to have found you. Your light is a brilliant beam of hope on our planet.

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