Cellular Acceleration

All form is experiencing cellular and molecular acceleration. A quickening of internal communication often leaving one feeling forgetful and destabilized. Loss of time, dizziness and disorientation are some of the resulting effects. The acceleration of molecules inside the human exchange of space and time adjusts experiences creating time displacement; walking into a room then returning as if for the first time. The environment of density in our world is changing. The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light. The blueprint of your higher self; your expanded light body. What does this all mean? In the blogs to come I will share with great detail the impact physically, emotionally and mentally taking place all over the world individually and collectively.



  1. Sooooooo! This is interesting, to say the least; and it will be interesting to learn what to watch for and how to respond. DM

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