Cellular Acceleration – Physical

The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light.

All form is calibrated to align and recognize the physical mass of presence on the Earth plane. Meaning, whether it is a desk or a person, the internal energetic patterning must gather in collective accordance representing matter; in turn honoring the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth. All presence begins as light; a very fast moving rate of speed individually unencumbered by the slower rate of speed, as example, of grouped matter. (physical/earth plane dimension) Light slows down its vibrational movement to amass density and create form. In cellular acceleration the points of light that have been communicating to create physicality (slower) are quickening in dialogue (faster) within the original construct of light (cellular dna). You may temporarily experience eye sight changes/ringing in your ears/ headaches all due to pressure changes from what was representing as a solid frequency to the return of light frequency. Muscle aches/cramping/stiffness as well as timing transference (delayed movement) due to the oxygen table distribution within the layers of muscle mass returning to light equation. Coordination interruptions including thought forms due to restructuring of location in brain receptors. Digestion discomfort due to enzymatic and alkaline conversions in response to frequency from dense to light.

Future blogs will cover the emotional/mental and spiritual bodies anchoring light as well as Mother Earth’s acceleration.

There are techniques of assistance through this calibration which I will cover throughout. As an example: to ground and anchor your physical body in light, visualize a large triangle of light at your feet. One large enough to encompass your whole body. Standing in the center see the illuminated light connects all three points to you. The triangle of light travels upwards around your body stopping above your head. Now you can request this triangle of light move higher or lower based upon the need to feel balanced and anchored. You can leave that geometry there at all times or return it to your feet.

This knowledge is meant to assist you or someone you know who may be experiencing the above. The result an internal acclimatization of light where individuals will feel renewed strength and physical vitality where previously blocked or unavailable.


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