Cellular Acceleration – Emotional/Mental

The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light.

The emotional/mental aspects of balancing the symptomology of transformation can be confusing due to the survival characteristic of humanity. At one point to survive meant to conquer and divide often producing adrenaline to support the emotional or physical need to react. Within cellular acceleration the opportunity to shift the focus to the center of balance, peace and wellbeing is amplified. Adrenaline in the emotional/mental body is supporting the capability to transform any given moment to peace instead of chaos. Every emotion and thought holds a light frequency equation. The opportunity is to recognize negative or limited emotions hold their own frequency equation as well and to choose the opposite emotion literally changes the flow and direction of energy in order to support a smoother transition whether that be in mind, body or spirit. The more you understand you are in the driver’s seat and have the ability to change the frequency within you by shifting your focus and calling upon the positive equation (emotion) it is then your entire spectrum of human experience will begin to align with you in a way where struggle and burden are no longer part of the equation. Internal peace, healing, empowerment and compassion become the definition of your emotional choice and direction of energy flow. Simply put: You are not your emotions or your reactions; you are an equation of energy and light that is part of the wholeness which happens to be accelerating. Humanity seeks that which is tangible; until you become comfortable redirecting frequency where you then tangibly see the result may you incorporate the conscious knowledge and stand in the light (frequency) that you are the possibility you’ve been waiting for.

The volume of information regarding cellular acceleration is massive and I have only scratched the surface with these blogs therefore in order to address all the incoming questions as well as the content itself I will be uploading video blogs within the next month.



  1. This information so fits with experiences I and others are having. It somehow puts a hopeful cast on them. So looking forward to upcoming blogs. Peace. DM

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