Inner Voice of Choice

May your day be filled with the gentle guidance of your inner voice; the intuitive wisdom reminding you to trust yourself and your ability to navigate the energies of your life.

I am happy to share a video blog will be posted on the 30th! I will be continuing the cellular acceleration topic addressing the mental/spiritual aspects as well as your questions.

Many Blessings in all ways,



Cellular Acceleration – Emotional/Mental

The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light.

The emotional/mental aspects of balancing the symptomology of transformation can be confusing due to the survival characteristic of humanity. At one point to survive meant to conquer and divide often producing adrenaline to support the emotional or physical need to react. Within cellular acceleration the opportunity to shift the focus to the center of balance, peace and wellbeing is amplified. Adrenaline in the emotional/mental body is supporting the capability to transform any given moment to peace instead of chaos. Every emotion and thought holds a light frequency equation. The opportunity is to recognize negative or limited emotions hold their own frequency equation as well and to choose the opposite emotion literally changes the flow and direction of energy in order to support a smoother transition whether that be in mind, body or spirit. The more you understand you are in the driver’s seat and have the ability to change the frequency within you by shifting your focus and calling upon the positive equation (emotion) it is then your entire spectrum of human experience will begin to align with you in a way where struggle and burden are no longer part of the equation. Internal peace, healing, empowerment and compassion become the definition of your emotional choice and direction of energy flow. Simply put: You are not your emotions or your reactions; you are an equation of energy and light that is part of the wholeness which happens to be accelerating. Humanity seeks that which is tangible; until you become comfortable redirecting frequency where you then tangibly see the result may you incorporate the conscious knowledge and stand in the light (frequency) that you are the possibility you’ve been waiting for.

The volume of information regarding cellular acceleration is massive and I have only scratched the surface with these blogs therefore in order to address all the incoming questions as well as the content itself I will be uploading video blogs within the next month.



Cellular Acceleration – Physical

The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light.

All form is calibrated to align and recognize the physical mass of presence on the Earth plane. Meaning, whether it is a desk or a person, the internal energetic patterning must gather in collective accordance representing matter; in turn honoring the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth. All presence begins as light; a very fast moving rate of speed individually unencumbered by the slower rate of speed, as example, of grouped matter. (physical/earth plane dimension) Light slows down its vibrational movement to amass density and create form. In cellular acceleration the points of light that have been communicating to create physicality (slower) are quickening in dialogue (faster) within the original construct of light (cellular dna). You may temporarily experience eye sight changes/ringing in your ears/ headaches all due to pressure changes from what was representing as a solid frequency to the return of light frequency. Muscle aches/cramping/stiffness as well as timing transference (delayed movement) due to the oxygen table distribution within the layers of muscle mass returning to light equation. Coordination interruptions including thought forms due to restructuring of location in brain receptors. Digestion discomfort due to enzymatic and alkaline conversions in response to frequency from dense to light.

Future blogs will cover the emotional/mental and spiritual bodies anchoring light as well as Mother Earth’s acceleration.

There are techniques of assistance through this calibration which I will cover throughout. As an example: to ground and anchor your physical body in light, visualize a large triangle of light at your feet. One large enough to encompass your whole body. Standing in the center see the illuminated light connects all three points to you. The triangle of light travels upwards around your body stopping above your head. Now you can request this triangle of light move higher or lower based upon the need to feel balanced and anchored. You can leave that geometry there at all times or return it to your feet.

This knowledge is meant to assist you or someone you know who may be experiencing the above. The result an internal acclimatization of light where individuals will feel renewed strength and physical vitality where previously blocked or unavailable.



Cellular Acceleration

All form is experiencing cellular and molecular acceleration. A quickening of internal communication often leaving one feeling forgetful and destabilized. Loss of time, dizziness and disorientation are some of the resulting effects. The acceleration of molecules inside the human exchange of space and time adjusts experiences creating time displacement; walking into a room then returning as if for the first time. The environment of density in our world is changing. The core energetic of all form is no longer rooted in the density of the earth plane; instead moving towards the etheric equation of originating light. The blueprint of your higher self; your expanded light body. What does this all mean? In the blogs to come I will share with great detail the impact physically, emotionally and mentally taking place all over the world individually and collectively.



Birthday Gratitude

What is the story you’re telling yourself?

The story you fuel every day?

Have you left the table of contents of your life and dived into the chapters of your living or are you on the periphery? May you come to know every page can be rewritten; your past cannot define you unless you bring it into your present.

On this day, my birthday, I am eternally grateful for all my experiences and to each individual that participated in my story; I thank you with gratitude for stepping onto the stage of my life! Most of all I thank you Spirit for your constant love, illuminated light and guidance!

As change takes form may we never lose sight of the formless energy that holds our hearts and souls in love as one…

Blessings upon Blessings!


Being of Light

As I stood in the bedroom window, I took notice of the reflection of light dancing in different formations as it blanketed my form as well as the other objects in the room. I could feel the vibration of light expressing itself from the sun through a prism of energy all the way through my dwelling. I felt a deep appreciation and understanding for the light and how it moves through and within creating a changing consciousness, embodying different forms it aligns with; taking in knowledge not only of the object it adorns but the environment as well. The consciousness of light is unlimited in its ability to expand as well as illuminate that which humanity has discarded and abandoned, including ourselves and our thoughts. May we all take notice of the loud silence light reveals as well as the message that can only be heard from within. You matter, love yourself and shine your light as brightly as it was intended!


Echo Off the Sky

Miracles often present themselves in how an experience makes you feel; transporting you to a place of awe and wonder, a reminder that anything is possible…While helping friends move we were in the cab of a truck as we passed a majestic mountain off in the distance we commented on its beauty. Not a minute later the sound of a woman’s voice singing filled the small cab. Her voice was without ceiling, it seemed to echo off the sky! My friends began reaching for the radio; it was never on, in fact they couldn’t get any sound from it. The singing continued, her voice echoed a sense of peace so deep I found myself swimming in her melody as she hummed in between words that spoke of love in a sound that could carry worldwide. The joy in her voice was palpable. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt honored to experience a voice so vast it filled the ethers; yet so intimate it moved our hearts and filled our souls. As the singing stopped, the conversation began as we talked about how we “felt” a miracle and a message had emerged…



A Whisper of Truth

My client arrived with a thick notebook of questions. As we sat down, her holographic soul leaned forward informing me to begin with the experience she was here to validate. I let her know there was information I was requested to convey. She agreed, shifting in her chair. I noticed her spinning the pen in her hand around and around; her foot began tapping the ground almost in an unconscious SOS. So it began, spirit recalling details she had yet to share. Shrouded in the darkness of night; the temperature cold, the only sound that of a breeze whistling by; the chills running down her spine telling of danger ahead. She stopped walking up the dimly lit street. A fork in the road caused her pulse to increase as both directions where unfamiliar to her. Closing her eyes, her hands grabbed the sides of her coat pulling the fabric in tighter in hopes that would bring a sense of protection and shelter. She decided that upon opening her eyes which ever direction they rested on would lead her to her forgotten hotel. A deep breath, eyes guided her to the right side of the curved road. She began walking slowly. All of a sudden she felt the weight and voice of a man pushing her down on the ground. Her mind raced as to what to do. She felt his hand on her cheek pressing her face against the cold stone street as his other hand reached for her wallet. Before she could say a word she heard a voice so loud and clear echoing throughout her being… I am with you, do not fear; this presence seemed to be coming from the ground itself speaking through her being. So much so it took her several moments to realize the man had left with her wallet and she was still lying on the street. The realization came to her that in the scariest moment of her life it was an unseen energy which provided her with courage and somehow safety. Transporting her outside of time Spirits message felt much bigger than the mugging. She felt such a sense of peace so strong it washed away any fear or negativity. Always longing for a connection with spirit this experience had confirmed her most heartfelt desire, to feel connected beyond this dimension. In fact, she felt a joy in her heart so full it caused her to laugh out loud and thank the mugger. She thought to herself, if it were not for him I would never have put my ear so close to the ground…As she walked up the street she felt warmth from within, glowing with light. Her arms swinging as her steps became a dance, she felt an internal love that seemed to illuminate everything including the hotel entrance. She walked into the lobby and heard her name being called as the attendant handed her wallet back letting her know someone had dropped it off. In that moment she embodied the knowing there was nothing left to fear for anything real could never be lost only temporarily absent. She hugged the attendant, opening the wallet handing him the money inside while telling him the wealth of my spirit has shown itself to me this evening and it is much bigger than what this wallet holds. In her hotel room she lit a candle to give thanks to Spirit and the light that now defined her truth dissolving all her fears. As the last part of the experience was shared, her eyes filled with tears as she handed me her notebook, on every single page were the written words of every scene just shared with her. She wanted a reading to confirm the message she received. No question needed. She was the embodiment of her answer, YES!


You are Sacred

A knock at the door reveals a God/Goddess, how would you feel? Would you let them in? Would you recognize the sacred moment? Would you create an environment that amplified your sacred visitor? Would you prepare a meal made from love and careful consideration? Would you create a resting place of comfort and beauty? Would you allow the deepest place of your spirit to be seen? Would you recognize and accept the gift being offered? No matter your life circumstance you are sacred and loved…Would  you treat yourself and others differently after that visitation? Would you see life through the eyes of love, grace and possibilities? Now contemplate this, that sacred being never left, he/she dwells deep within you as the spark of the divine inside the very center of your being…


Elements of the Familiar

For those who live with dementia, I hear your words…


Thank you breeze for your softness…

Thank you sun for your warmth…

Thank you light for your vision…

Most of all, thank you for reminding me that I am still here because…I know you


No matter the depth of disconnect there’s a return when I feel your presence; a whisper speaks to my soul and I awaken to the familiar, transported to a time where we danced together and I marveled at the beauty and perfection of how everything fit. Now as I stumble in the dark with nameless faces and corridors of despair I hold tightly to that which brings me a sense of peace and the feeling that no matter the depth of loss, I am forever held by the elements which remind me that I once was and forever will be…