Point of Light

There was a time when your inner voice spoke so clearly you were able to communicate telepathically. There was a time when you knew with clarity your voice was heard and felt through the tapestry of consciousness; where a community of beings called humans trusted their hearts as manifested love; where miracles were an everyday occurrence. A time where the cells of the body responded to an internal dialogue so strong it transmuted falsehood and fear. A time where the ability to thrive and experience joy was rooted within the core of cellular pathways, mirrored throughout the universe and the human body. A time where individuals celebrated the gift of being in matter together. A time where community was the greatest wealth; honesty the greatest abundance. A time where the body and mind worked together as one for separation was the known illusion. A time where every individual was aware of their purpose and reason; aware they were a Point of Light in the Universe and an integral part to the beauty of balance of all matter. This time is now…your cells remember YOU! Their voice, your own… guiding you home. It is a time to trust your greatest knowing dwells within. Point of Light will amplify your cellular voice and empower the memory of a time where the outer world reflected the inner wisdom. You are an integrated part of the connective tissue of creation, may you choose the sound of your inner voice as the awakening to an outer transformation.

Point of Light awaits you…Glowing DNA strandCynthiaslon9.com