Sacred Being: Infinite Love

A being I adored, treasured and loved beyond measure passed away…In my grieving the physical loss, she came to me and said with great wisdom and indescribable love, I am your eyes, the eyes that seek to find me; I am your hands, the hands that seek to hold me; I am your body, the body that seeks to feel my warmth; I have not left you; I have become you. When you kiss my picture and see your reflection in it, is it not the two of us found in one frame, one life, one heart. I feel your pain for when you are exhausted from grief and peace arises from within, I am that comfort, I am holding you in a timeless, endless love that lives within you as I do.

Love never dies it simply changes form; how much deeper is the knowing that all the love we have exchanged in our human life merges as one instead of left undone…Thank you my Sophie girl you were and continue to be my greatest teacher, I love you! Thank you infinite spirit of great wisdom for in between the moments of struggle, a light so bright, it transforms even the pain itself…