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Cynthia Slon is an author, speaker, telepathic intermediary, psychic medium, transchannel and Point of Light Teacher. Much of Cynthia’s work has evolved through study on the inner planes with her guides and Master teachers. She communicates with mother nature and ancestral beings of all life forms. Her work offers information including but not limited to the following: aura viewing and reconstruction, past life regression, psychometry, transchanneling, energetic sound healing, hall of records, electromagnetic fields of consciousness, renewing holographic contracts and telepathic communication with all interdimensional life forms.

Her gifts have had a profound effect on many people’s lives which has led to interviews on television as well as in the print media.

Cynthia offers telephone consultations with a language translator when needed. Her sessions include clients all over the world. She has been of assistance to individuals including Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich, Sharon Osbourne, Jerry Hall and others. She also travels offering a variety of workshops.

Telepathic Intermediary

Without asking questions of her clients, Cynthia Slon offers a volume of guidance from their own infinite wisdom, spirit family and loved ones crossed over.  This stream of consciousness often includes the information people desire.

In her work, Cynthia requests soul permission from each individual for a divine dialogue prior to their arrival in person or on the telephone.  This reveals the visual holographic view of consciousness.

Cynthia aligns with and utilizes energetic patterning by accessing the universal collective within the grids and auric fields of all holographic hall of records.  The holographic view provides sacred geometry as a universal language communicated to her.  She is able to receive information regarding regarding their soul’s purpose, health, career, relationships, creative gifts, future endeavors, past lives, spirit guides, soul contracts, and loved ones who have passed on including their beloved pets.  She also helps to provide understanding and direction in regards to the Indigo/Psychic children of the world. 

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Cynthia speaking at Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley
Subject: Worthiness



“Many words come to mind when I think of Cynthia Slon.  Here are some: authentic, compassionate, wise, genuine humility, great sense of humor, integrity and SPOT ON IN HER READINGS! I could go on and on. When we are sitting together for a reading, she is concurrently receiving and disseminating information from my guides, my inner Self and my council of light as well as from Alexor.  I love that she always says, ‘Never replace your own truth with a reading.  Take only that which resonates with you and throw the rest away.’ I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

The Real Deal

“A few years back I had my first reading with Cynthia. I was BLOWN AWAY by her vast spiritual gifts and her ability to communicate with spirit. I knew, within minutes of meeting her, she was the real deal as an intuitive medium because there was no way she could have possibly known about the information she was sharing with me about my life without being in direct contact with spirit. Cynthia delivers spirits message with love, compassion and a sense of humor always making the session such an uplifting experience. Cynthia has developed her gifts from God and so generously shares them with us. For those being called to visit a psychic or medium, I highly recommend a reading with Cynthia, as she is such a bright light and an amazing person. I am continually grateful for her gifts!”

Point of Light is the universe’s resonant frequency of perfection. It is like no other energy or frequency I have experienced before. It is a cellular voice traveling through the network of humanity’s cellular pathways. It is of the highest consciousness, and permeates with presence and focus on the unending connective tissue of love. It is a healing journey of restoration within the mind, body and spirit.

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New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon

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