You can find Cynthia on archives to listen to the wonderful wisdom, laughter and joy she shared on "Awakening Matters" with spirit and special guests.


Cynthia Slon 

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Cynthia Slon is a telepathic intermediary, psychic, medium, transchannel and a native of Brazil.
Much of Cynthia's work has evolved through study on the inner planes with her guides and Master teachers. Her studies of the esoteric arts have included aura viewing and reconstruction, past life regression, psychometry, transchanneling, energetic sound healing and telepathic communication with all dimensional life forms.

Her gifts have had a profound
effect on many people's lives which has led to interviews on television as well as in the print media.

Cynthia offers telephone consultations with a language translator when needed. Her sessions include clients all over the world, including England, Australia, Italy and many others. She has been of assistance to individuals including Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich, Sharon Osbourne, Jerry Hall and others. She also travels widely doing a variety of workshops.
Cynthia Slon's published book!!

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